Wizard Case Study

Developing a social streaming platform for gamers

An innovative platform for gamers to stream solo or with friends

Technical Leadership
 Amazon Web ServicesReactJs  AngularC#AgoraOpenGL

Wizard is a Twitch competitor providing gamers a platform for solo and group streaming. A key differentiator in the market is that it focuses on group streaming and allows up to 16 people to stream together. It is enhanced with AI-powered features to record streams and auto-generate clips with compelling content to drive viewers to the platform. Wizard’s founding team had previously worked with TulaCo to successfully launch and scale startups. As a result, we were approached again to help get Wizard off the ground from day one. We were tasked with providing technical leadership, handling infrastructure, researching and prototyping new features, and providing core development alongside Wizard’s internal engineering team.
We assembled a small team of engineers with the required expertise along with an architect to oversee all aspects of development. Our team’s core scope of work included front-end development of the social streaming service, creating a native Android app, and technical and infrastructure management. Additionally, we built an OBS plug-in for social streaming, and implemented proof-of-concepts for new features including machine learning-based facial feature recognition and avatar animation.
The result
TulaCo's technical leadership/management and engineering horsepower allowed Wizard to efficiently execute on their vision and get the product to market. As a result, they were acquired in April 2022 by a leader in online eSports who wanted to leverage the Wizard product within their own suite of services. We played a key role in preparing Wizard for acquisition and also successfully ensuring a smooth transition and integration.